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Kuala Lumpur. A city that is truly one-of-a-kind. You'll find the world in this city but you'll never find anything quite like it anywhere else in the world.

Here, we will show you the must-see destinations and must-do activities that will thrill you for sure. With so many places to go, a trip to KL may seem overwhelming. But to help, we've rounded up the best attractions that'll guide you in and around this amazing city.

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Contact Person: Sam
Tel:                    +603 6279 2422
Email:                 sam.hee@mayflower-group.com

Important Notes:
Minimum 2 adults. Price subject to 6% GST
These packages are based on sit-in coach which will sharing with other guests

Metropolitan Landmarks

A must for first time visitors to Kuala Lumpur. An interesting tour which unveils the beauty and charm of the old and new Kuala Lumpur. Garden City of Lights. See the contrast of the magnificent skyscrapers and the building of the colonial days.

  1. Petronas Twin Tower (photo stop)
  2. Handicraft Centre
  3. Cocoa Boutique
  4. King's Palace (photo stop)
  5. National Monument
  6. National Museum (exclude entrance fee)
  7. National Mosque (photo stop)
  8. Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Adult      : RM 60 per person
Child      : RM 30 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 3 Hours
Rural Landmarks and Handicrafts

A trip to the outskirts along the 'Ambassador Row'. Our first stop at the Royal Selangor Pewter will feature the largest and most modern pewter factory in the world, reputed internationally for its high quality and craftsmanship. You will be shown the different processes, such as casting, filing, polishing, soldering, hammering and engraving during this factory tour. Next we stop at Batik Factory - see how Batik is designed and printed.

Our last stop will be at the limestone hills of Batu Caves that comprises of three caverns and several smaller caves. It is the shrine of Lord Murugah, a Hindu deity - a flight of 272 steps lead up to the temple cave. Another cave, called the museum cave, is filled with images of deities and murals depicting scenes from the Hindu scruptures.

Adult      : RM 60 per person
Child      : RM 30 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 3 Hours
A Potpourri of Malaysian Cultures

This evening tour takes you to the open air bazaar of Chinatown, a Hindu temple and a sumptuous Malay cuisine accompaied with a cultural show.

SRI MAHA MARIAMMAN TEMPLE - The smell of burning jasmine, incessant chantings of Hindu priests, intricate carved deities and the mystical aura combine to give you lasting impression of this religion.

OPEN AIR BAZAAR OF CHINATOWN - Take a stroll through this night market, where the locals engage in hectic bargaining for merchandises spread across the streets. Later, proceed to a Malay Restaurant for buffet dinner and cultural show. Help yourself to a buffet dinner where a sumptuous variety of local dishes and delicacies await you.

• Inclusive Buffet Dinner & Cultural Show
• Shorts, sleeveless shirt and slippers are not allowed

Adult      : RM 150 per person
Child      : RM 105 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 3.5 Hours
A Rendezvous with Nature

The Templer's Park is located 22 km north of bustling Kuala Lumpur. A tropical paradise, Templer's Park is a great spot for bird watchings, jungle trekking. Not only does it offer a picturesque setting with a towering attraction near its edge, namely the million-year-old limestone hill Bukit Takun, Templer's Park is also a convenient escape from the rigours of urban life.

The Kanching Waterfalls, also known as the Templer's Park Falls, are found here. In addition to the jungle trails and picnic spots, there are also cool, clear pools for you to take a dip. Templer's Park offers peace, quiet and relaxation with its fresh air and breathtaking beauty.

  • Please bring along your own towel and bathing outfits if  you intend to take a swim.

Adult      : RM 120 per person
Child      : RM 80 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 3.5 Hours
A Day with Lady Luck & Excitement

Amidst the freshness of cool, crisp mountain air about 6,000 feet above sea level, lies Malaysia's only casino resort. Stop at cable car station and take a skyway cable car ride, with a sky above you and a tropical rainforest below,  ride  up  to  the hilltop  on  the  longest  and  fastest  cable  car  in Southeast Asia. Fringed by one of the oldest tropical jungles in the world, you can try your luck at Blackjack, Keno, Roulette or a host of other casino games.

If this is not your cup of tea, then take time off to enjoy the numerous recreational facilities at the indoor and outdoor Theme Park. There are  corkscrew,  euro  express  roller  coaster,  turbo  drop,  super tobonggan & sky venture - the one and only sky diving simulator in Asia.

  • Those below 21 yrs old are not allowed into the casino
  • Inclusive: Return cable car tickets only
  • EXCLUDE: Meals, Beverages, Theme Park tickets & Show

Adult      : RM 100 per person
Child      : RM 60 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 8 Hours
Back to Nature

The tour will expose you to the real feeling of being in the tropical rainforest of Malaysia. This specially designed program is to introduce you to the wonders and the beauty of a primary tropical rainforest all in a day while staying in Kuala Lumpur.

The journey to the tropical rainforest in the outskirts of the city, will take approximately an hour. Along the way you pass through typical Malay Villagers and scenes of friendly people going about their daily chores. Our first stop on the way is the aboriginal museum. Among the displays are weapons used for hunting, clothing made from free barks, traditional musical instruments etc. An introduction of the place and activities will be carried out immediately on arrival before proceeding with jungle trekking by identifying various fruit trees.

  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes, hat/cap & bring along bath towel and spare clothing in case you'll get wet or dirty
  • CLOSED every Monday & Friday
  • EXCLUDE: Nature Guide, Meals & Beverages

Adult      : RM 180 per person
Child      : RM 150 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 4 Hours
Most Intelligent City in Malaysia

The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Putra Jaya takes approximately 50 minutes via the highway. Our first stop will be Taman Warisan or Agricultural Heritage Park - a 'living' museum for mango, rubber, coca, palm oil, durian, jackfruit, herbs and etc. A demonstration on the entire rubber-manufacturing process from the time it is tapped and churned out as fully smoked sheets will be shown during the tour.

Next proceed to Putra Jaya Government Centre, there are numerous new government complexes located in this new township. The most imposing structure in Putrajaya is the thin pinkish Putra Mosque. Standing beside Dataran Putra and facing the Putrajaya Lake, it incorporates architectural elements from Turkestan, Kazakhstan and Morocco. Another eye-catching building is the Prime Minister's office - Putra Perdana. Other interesting places are Putra Bridge, Prime Minister's residence.

  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes
  • Inclusive entrance to Agriculture Park only (closed every Monday)
  • EXCLUDE: Boat ride

Adult      : RM 150 per person
Child      : RM 100 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 4 Hours
Fun, Excitement, Thrill!

Spanning over 80 acres, Sunway Lagoon draws fun seekers from all over with its reputation as a theme lands, each boasting their own exciting attractions. There are Adventure Park, Wild Wild West Water Park, Surf Beach and Elephant Walk.

A place where you will take home more than just memories. The Lagoon's mascot, captain quack, walks around the entire Lagoon spreading his contagious energy and merriment to the visitors, while they enjoy the daily shows and many exciting activities.

Proceed from departure point for a shopping tour to Malaysia's very own Leather and Batik showroom. From here, take a ride to Petronas Twin Tower for photo shop before proceeding to Sunway Lagoon. Enjoy the many thrilling rides and slides at Sunway Lagoon at your own leisure.

  • Please bring along your bathing suit and towel
  • Inclusive of entrance to 5 PARKS only: 
    (Water,  Amusement, Wildlife, Extreme and Scream Park Only)
  • EXCLUDE: Bungy Jump, G-Force X, Go-Kart

Adult      : RM 170 per person
Child      : RM 120 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 8 Hours
Entire Town, Including its Roads, Build on Stilts!

Depart Kuala Lumpur for Port Klang in an hour - Malaysia's busiest port. The 30 minute ferry ride offers a panoramic view of the busy harbour and the mangrove swamps of nearby islands.

On arrival at Pulau Ketam, take a leisurely stroll to see how an entire fishing community lives in a village where even the roads are build on stilts. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. After lunch, catch the ferry for return trip to Port Klang. Drive up to view the fabulous palace of the Selangor Sultan.

Visit the Sultan Salahuddin Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque. Capped by one of the largest religious domes in the world, the mosque occupies about 36 acres of beautiful parkland surrounded by the Municipal Council Tower, State Library, State Museum and the Lake Gardens. Stop at Thean Hou Temple before we conclude our tour for the day.

  • Inclusive lunch at local restaurant & return Boat Ride only

Adult      : RM 180 per person
Child      : RM 90 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 8 Hours
More than 580 Years of History

Visit St. Peter's Church (1710) - the oldest Christian Church still in use in Malaysia. Drive past the largest 17th century Chinese cemetery outside of China, located at Bukit China or Chinese Hill. Stop at the foothill to view the Sultan's Well before driving through the Portuguese Settlement.

Proceed to view the famous gateway. 'Port De Santiago' and the ruins of St. Paul's Church lined by 17 century Dutch tombstones. Next on the list is "Red Square" - the salmon pink Dutch administrative buildings which today house the Malacca Museum and government offices.

Visit Christchurch before proceeding for lunch, we visit the 'Abode Merciful Clouds' or the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple - the only temple where you can find 3 major doctrines of local Chinese belief under the same roof, viz: Taoim, Buddhism and Confucianism. Take a stroll along Malacca's Jonker Street, which ends by the banks of the Malacca River.

  • Inclusive: Lunch at local restaurant
  • EXCLUDE: Any entrance fees

Adult      : RM 150 per person
Child      : RM 105 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 8 Hours
The Flashing Christmas Tree

Proceed to Kuala Selangor town in the quiet hamlet of Kampung Kuantan, one of the largest firefly colonies in the world.

On arrival at Kuala Selangor, visit "Kota Melawati" formerly known as "Fort Altingsburg", the execution block, royal mausoleum and colonial buildings. A bird sanctuary park at the foot of Bukit Melawati is an ideal place for bird watchers to watch migratory birds. Also found are silvered - leaf monkeys, butterflies etc.

Next proceed to Kampung Kuantan - the highlight of the tour. Row upstream in a small unmotorised boat (tongkang) in the quiet darkness to witness the blinking trees. This scintillating display of fireflies portrays an image of a flashing Christmas tree. The synchronized, rhythmic flashing is produced by the thousands of fireflies found in the mangrove swamp of Kampung Kuantan. The skilled local oarsmen make this experience a memorable and unforgettable one.

  • Please bring along insect repellent
  • Inclusive set seafood dinner/boat ride only

Adult      : RM 190 per person
Child      : RM 100 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 8 Hours
Nature and Environment Outside the Jungle

An educational tour of nature and environment outside the jungle.

Orchid Garden - see over 800 varieties of orchid including the exotic species, thrive abundantly on one hectare of floral paradise.

The Butterfly Park - the butterfly park houses some 6,000 butterflies of over 120 species. The park is an imitation of the butterfly's natural habitat. It includes more than 15,000 plants from 100 species that have been used to recreate a Malaysian rainforest atmosphere.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park - the largest bird park in South East Asia, houses thousands of birds representing nearly every major species in this part of the world.

  • Inclusive: Entrance to Bird Park, Butterfly & Orchid
  • EXCLUDE: Camera & Video fees

Adult      : RM 150 per person
Child      : RM 95 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 3.5 Hours

  1. Petronas Twin Tower (photo stop)
  2. China Town
  3. Central Market with 'Teh Tarik' experience
  4. King's Palace
  5. Lake Garden (drive pass)
  6. Independence Square
  7. Sultan Abdul Samad Building
  8. Spotted dog "Tudor Styled Cricket Club"
  9. Old Railway Station
  10. Local Batik and Handicraft Centre
  11. Royal Selangor Pewter with School of Hard Knock experience
  12. Batu Caves
  • Inclusive of lunch at local restaurant

Adult      : RM 180 per person
Child      : RM 140 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 8 Hours
A Trip to Memory Lane

This tour will take you through the Heritage Trails of the early cultures in Malaysia - an insight into Malaysia's multi - cultural society.

  1. Chan See Shu Yuen Clan House
    (One of the most interesting clan House in Malaysia)
  2. China Town - (Pre - war building)
  3. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple - (Hindu Temple)
  4. Central Market - (Build in 1930)
  5. Sze Yeh Temple - (Build in 1880)
  6. Jamek Mosque - (closed on Friday) (North India Islamic architecture)
  7. Sultan Abdul Samad Building - (Merdeka Square)
  • EXCLUDE: Lunch
  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes, hat/cap

Adult      : RM 120 per person
Child      : RM 80 per child (3-11 yrs old)
Duration: Approximately 4 Hours

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